Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Nebraska Coalition for Ethical Research Is Asking for a Little Help

The Nebraska Coalition for Ethical Research is an organization that is excellently serving the cause of the sanctity of life while at the same time promoting the best medical research possible. I have been pleased to serve on the Advisory Board of this organization since their beginnings and can add my hearty recommendation to your involvement in their critically necessary outreach. In the letter I print here, Dr. Sheryl Pitner, the current President of NCER, describes some of the work of the organization as well as making an appeal for our help in keeping NCER moving forward for life. Please consider her request carefully.


As we head into the new year I wanted to thank you for the support you have given NCER and let you know of our successes and needs.

Last year began with much excitement with the Michael Reagan dinner and hiring Chip Maxwell as Executive Director. Chip has been busy spreading the word by taking the "road show" to many cities and organizations. We now have a regular newsletter to keep Nebraskans aware of important issues and advances. Chip also has been instrumental in fighting the uphill battle to get our position in the press more regularly and strengthening NCER's voice.

All of our elected officials to national offices - Sens Nelson and Hagel; Reps Osborne, Fortenberry and Terry - are on our side and have supported NCER. We need to continue to supply the information and tools for Nebraskans to voice their opinion at the state level also so that Nebraska supports biomedical research that upholds the dignity of human life and refrains from engaging in research that destroys one life to help another.

It is imperative that we maintain a full-time, paid Executive Director position if we hope to continue to be a voice in the debate. At this point, we have roughly $24,000 (of an $80-90,000 budget) pledged for this year. Last year we net $15,000 - $16,000 from the Reagan dinner and mid & end-of-the-year appeals. We hope to clear at least that this year with a fall fund-raiser.

So, as much as I dislike asking and I am sure you dislike hearing, I am making an appeal for a yearly contribution. I ask that you consider what you may be able to donate this year, and hopefully on a yearly basis. I do not need the money right now, but I do need to know what we can count on so that I can give Chip an assurance as to how long we can support him and so that we can continue to build our visibility and support in the state and continue to increase our funding.

We made it through last year and into this year and I know we can continue because we have the truth on our side. Thank you for your interest and patience in reading this. Please let me know by the end of the week, January 27, what you feel comfortable contributing. Also, if you have any names of possible donors, please forward them to us at info@ethicalresearch.net.


Sheryl Pitner, MD


Nebraska Coalition for Ethical Research