Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Movie Terminator Hires A Real Terminator

From comes this report:

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on Wednesday named the former head of a pro-abortion organization has his new chief of staff -- angering pro-life groups in the process. After losing all of the special election initiatives he placed on the ballot earlier this month and seeing his poll number declining, the governor, who backs abortion himself, apparently believed he needed to reach out to Democrats. With that in mind, he appointed California Public Utilities Commissioner Susan Kennedy as his new chief of staff. Kennedy was cabinet secretary to former Democratic Gov. Gray Davis, who California voters threw out of office in 2003 in a recall election.

What upsets pro-life groups is that Kennedy is the former executive director of the California Abortion Rights Action League. “Arnold Schwarzenegger has become a liberal Democrat," said Randy Thomasson, the president of Campaign for Children and Families. "By placing a leading ... pro-abortion Democrat activist in charge of his entire administration, Arnold has taken a disastrous turn to the left," Thomasson explained.

Of course, pro-life activists didn't need this latest of Governor Schwarzenneger's pro-abortion actions to know he was "very bad news" regarding the moral issues. But this pick was over the top even for him. So spread the word to your friends -- if you think the Republican Party was wimpy already on issues of abortion, euthanasia, and genetic engineering, wait until the transfer of power is complete to such "noodlemeisters" as Schwarzenegger, Giuliani, and Bloomberg.