Thursday, December 15, 2005

Harry Reid and the "Noodle" Republicans Keep Life-Saving Bill from Becoming Law

Did you realize the Stem Cell Therapeutic and Research Act (passed last spring in the House of Representatives by a vote of 431 to 1) has still not been acted upon by the Senate? For crying out loud, lives are at stake here!

One of the problems is that Democrat Harry Reid is working against the bill because of his irrational passion to force yet more experimentation on human embryos. Yet I blame even more the spineless Republicans in the Senate who have not forced the issue here. This is a critically important matter and one which could be a home run issue for the G.O.P. but, like so many other crucial opportunities, the "Noodles" have failed to deliver.

And Republicans really wonder why conservatives are becoming more and more fed up with the party? Goodness me. For more, read Kathryn Jean Lopez' column over at NRO.