Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Death Boat: Euthanasia Advocates Hit the High Seas


The assisted suicide advocate who was Michael Schiavo's lead attorney during the legal battles with Terri Schiavo's parents will be heading up a "euthanasia cruise" during the first week of January. Doctors and attorneys who participate in the Caribbean cruise can earn continuing education credits by learning more about the medical and legal tactics that can be employed to end patients' lives. Felos will be one of two faculty members leading a program called the "Advance Directives/End-of-Life Care and Neurology." Those participating in the five-day cruise will leave January 3 for the Bahamas. Continuing Education Inc., based in nearby St. Petersburg, Florida, is a company that offers courses on cruise ships. The target audience is doctors and attorneys and they can participate by paying anywhere from $350-$625.

It's not known how much Felos will make for his part in leading the courses, but this isn't the first time the Michael Schiavo attorney has financially capitalized on Terri's euthanasia death. Felos has been listed with Eagles Talent Connection Inc. of New Jersey, which represents speakers. For fees ranging from $10,000 to $15,000, organizations or businesses can bring Felos to events to hear Felos talk on the subject: "The Terri Schiavo Saga-From Family Fight to Constitutional Crisis."