Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas Presents You May Left Unopened

The hectic pace which normally marks our lives around Day One of Christmas often causes us to miss things that really shoudn't be missed. So, as a public service for those of you who, like myself, were too busy making merry on Christmas to catch some of the best news and commentary from Town Hall the last few days, here you go:

* The Demise of Christmas ---- Is Christmas dying in America? If so, Rich Tucker argues, the blame is on Christians much more than the secularists. This column is excellent food for thought on this, the second day of Christmas.

* Katrina Revisited ---- In this fine piece, Mona Charen shines the light on the bad reporting that surrounded the coverage of the storm and its aftermath.

* The New Campus Rage: "Slut Feminism" ---- Monique Stuart is Program Officer for the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute. She's a very sharp lady and she's looking to get other sharp ladies out to the nation's colleges (and other forums) in order to blow the whistle on the devestating effects of the newest liberal craze: "Slut Feminism". Promoted by TV programs like Sex in the City and even university courses with titles such as Cornellingus (Cornell University), Vulvagraphy (Princeton) and Sex and the Elm City (Yale), this fresh frenzy is the glorification and enthusiastic promotion of promiscuous sex. Take a look at Monique's coulmn right here.

* A Chanukah Primer ---- So you want to get the straight skinny on the holidays of Chanukah? Here is a keeper column written by Paul Greenberg.