Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Angel Erotica?

From Reuters comes this oh-so-hip news story.

One of Canada's leading cinema chains has stopped handing out Christmas wrapping paper to its patrons after parents complained it featured angels fondling each other suggestively, newspapers reported on Tuesday.

Famous Players acted after the wrapping paper -- a promotion for the Virgin Mobile phone service -- was handed out to young children. The paper features a male angel grasping the breast of his female partner, while she has hold of his genitals, as they kiss. Both are fully clothed in white angel attire.

"It would have been great for the right age group but clearly it wasn't suitable for children," a spokeswoman for Famous Players told the National Post newspaper.

Famous Players is part of Cineplex Entertainment LP, which is 50.5 percent owned by the Cineplex Galaxy Income Fund. Cineplex did not return a call seeking comment.

By the way, Famous Players -- such an inaccurate, offensive display is not "suitable" for any age group. But making a principled protest of your blasphemous action? Well, that is "suitable" to the max. So, for the Canadian visitors of Vital Signs Blog (and any non-Canadian who wants to join in), here's the relevant data:

Cineplex Entertainment LP is the leading Canadian movie exhibitor, with nearly 1,300 screens at more than 130 theaters. Cineplex Entertainment essentially doubled its size with the 2005 acquisition of the Famous Players movie theater chain, which it bought from Viacom .

Cineplex Galary Entertainment LP
Ellis Jacob, President
1303 Yonge St., Toronto CANON M4T 2Y9, Canada
(416) 323-6600