Thursday, November 17, 2005

When Pharmacists Are Forced to Become Abortionists

Preborn babies are routinely killed in America by suction machines, curettes and poisons. All of these methods of abortion (and more) also pose extremely harmful effects on the babies' mothers.

But the tragic state of political affairs in the United States is such that not only are these barbaric actions completely legal, they are increasingly becoming mandated. For instance, even when a medical student or pharmacist abhors the medical (and moral) consequences of abortive drugs and devices, the law is forcing them to participate. The only other choices? Quit the profession and leave the field entirely to the amoral or... go to jail for failing to join the abortion circus.

As we knew it would, the abortion movement has quickly gone from "You Can" to "You Should" to "You Must."

Jill Stanek takes a hard look at what's happening.