Monday, November 07, 2005

A New Pro-Life Jimmy Carter?

Last week several pro-life sites trumpeted Jimmy Carter's recent statements against abortion but most of them failed to remind their readers of Carter's longstanding support of abortion and other extreme positions of the left.

So, how to explain Carter's seemingly pro-life statement? A genuine conversion on the issue, complete with tearful repentance for his past efforts to promote the most radical of pro-abortion policies?

Uh, no. The fact is that Jimmy is selling a book.

And Our Endangered Values: America's Moral Crisis is a book the former President is hoping to sell to Christian readers as well as his traditional pals. Thus, the overture to what he hopes will be a sucker audience.

Albert Mohler's excellent commentary sheds some much-needed light on Mr. Carter's real positions, including his ongoing disdain of those old-fashioned Christians who are so unsophisticated as to let the Scriptures guide everything in their lives, including their politics. That, of course, is a social blunder the sanctimonious Sunday School teacher from Plains never committed.

By the way, there's another good review of Carter's latest over at WSJ's Opinion page written by Bret Stephens. Check it out via this post over at The Book Den.