Friday, October 28, 2005

Porky Politicians Hit a New Low

For 30 years, reporter John Stossel has given Americans the "straight skinny" about hucksters, con men and frauds. He has boldly exposed those parasites who live only to feed off the hard earned dollars of the rest of us.

Well, in this column, Mr. Stossel directs his aim at the most successful rip-off artists of all. It is a piece you don't want to miss.

And, to help encourage you to immediately register your complaint (before you cool down) about the "Bridges to Nowhere" and other ridiculous political frauds, here's a couple of terrific links. Note that they both come from Taxpayers for Common Sense, a very nifty site where you can keep tabs on the worst of government waste and fraud.

The first TCS link to utilize takes you to the roll call on the Coburn Amendment so you can see where your respective representatives voted on. The second connects you to a full slate of appropriate addresses for your response.