Friday, October 21, 2005

Infanticide and Sex Selection Abortion

It is extremely dangerous to be conceived a girl in India. Or Nepal. Or China. Or so many other places in the world.

This situation (described in a news story from Middle East Times) is about as tragic and inhumane as one can imagine.

..."But India is not alone: Afghanistan, China, Nepal, Pakistan and [South] Korea all show evidence of sex ratio imbalances that are likely the result of selective abortion and/or female infanticide or neglect," the report said.

"Although existing laws ban sex-determination testing [in India], fully 60 million girls are now 'missing' - effectively falling into a demographic black hole from which, analysts fear, there will be no return," the report said.

"According to government reports as many as 2 million fetuses are aborted each year for no other reason than they happen to be female," it added.

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