Thursday, October 13, 2005

Adult Stem Cell Treatment Unavailable in U.S. May Save Charlotte's Life

While the United States plays immoral and unscientific political games with the issue of embryonic stem cell research, the truly promising paths of inquiry and treatment are generally ignored. Here's just one case.

Comments FRC President, Tony Perkins:

Four-year-old Jordan Logan has a rare genetic disease. Healthy at birth, she is now blind, fed by tube, and is bathed by home health aids. Jordan's mom Charlotte Logan had taken the child to Mexico in March for an expensive experimental treatment using umbilical cord stem cells. Little Jordan's first treatment with these adult cells yielded measurable improvement. Jordan and her mom were evacuated from their Pass Christian, Mississippi, home because of Hurricane Katrina.

An Alabama businessman generously lent his executive jet for the Mexican trip and doctors there waived their fees. Why Mexico? Because these adult stem cell treatments have not yet been cleared by our Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Instead of focusing on expanding the unethical and ineffective embryonic stem cell research Congress should make sure government is promoting the ethical and effective alternative.