Friday, September 30, 2005

Abortion Endangers Mothers

The harm performed on a preborn child by an abortionist is, of course, lethal.

But the harm doesn't stop there.

As I told abortion clients just this morning (giving them the facts about abortion that certainly will be denied them inside the abortionist's building), the violent, remarkably unnatural act of abortion also results in terrible risks to the woman's health. In both the long and short term, a woman putting her pregnant body in the hands of an abortion profiteer faces a whole host of dangers -- not to mention the grave spiritual consequences of such an act.

The dangers posed by abortion to mothers should never be a mere "side issue" for sidewalk counselors, CPC workers and other pro-life advocates who hold high the banner for the sanctity of life. This is both because we require her change of mind to save her baby's life but also because our concern for her must be authentic and passionate.

Abortion hurts...even the survivor.

And that is one of our most important messages.

For a review of just how abortion hurts women, check out these lists from the Elliot Institute which present both the physical effects and the psychological effects. There's more at the fine web site of the Elliot Institute so why not stop by and do a little homework there. It will better equip you to speak truths of life to those who desperately need to know.