Thursday, August 25, 2005

Top Ten Lessons from Noah’s Ark

You know, there are an awful lot of important lessons from life to be learned from Noah’s ark. Simple but profoundly important. Here's my list of the “top ten.”

Lesson Number One: Don’t Miss the Boat! See what I mean? A simple yet crucial lesson.

Lesson Number Two: Plan ahead. Remember, it had never rained before but that didn’t stop Noah. He got the design specs from God and acted ahead of the crisis.

Lesson Number Three: Don’t be deterred by criticism or unpopularity. Keep at it.

Lesson Number Four: Appreciate nature in the way God directs. Stewardship is a serious responsibility.

Lesson Number Five: Stay alert for action, whatever your age. Noah was 600 years old when he became a ship maker, even older when he became a sailor.

Lesson Number Six: We’re all in the same boat, baby.

Lesson Number Seven: Avoid loneliness – travel in pairs.

Lesson Number Eight:
Learn to be patient and accept God’s will. Sometimes that means you’re a builder; sometimes a zookeeper. Other times, you’ve just gotta’ float awhile.

Lesson Number Nine: As long as you put your trust in the Lord, even the very worst of life's storms can be weathered.

And Lesson Number Ten: Do your duty before God no matter how difficult. And, never ever forget the coming rainbow!