Monday, August 29, 2005

The Post Frets Over Anything That Might Encourage Birth Over Abortion

Doing a rather impressive "Chicken Little" impersonation, the Washington Post's Ceci Connolly wrings her hands over the abortion limitations that have been passed by state legislatures in the past year or so.

"Those opposed to abortion are finding new and different ways to increase the roadblocks and the hoops [that] providers and patients have to jump through," Emmert [Steven Emmert, executive director of the National Coalition of Abortion Providers] said...

And, as an example of these awful, choice-binding, roadblocking laws Ms. Connoly then cites in her next sentence of the article:

Missouri, for example, has set aside $1 million to encourage low-income pregnant women to carry a pregnancy to full term and potentially give the infant up for adoption.

Sigh. It's not about "choice" for some liberals. It's not about "informed consent" or "compassion" or "women's rights."

It's about abortion.