Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Policemen "Making a Little on the Side"

I guess even cops are finding it hard to make ends meet nowadays. As examples, here are two items taken from the "Watercooler Stories" section of Insight 's online magazine.

From the U.K. comes this UPI report -- In an attempt to boost revenue, Britain's Metropolitan Police and Scotland Yard have trademarked their names and logos for advertising.

The Metropolitan Police and Scotland Yard will become officially registered at the U.K. Patent Office, allowing the law enforcement agencies to produce and market their own brands of soap, perfume and aftershave lotions, alcoholic and soft drinks, chocolates, snacks and biscuits, reported the Sunday Telegraph.

"We are aware there may be business opportunities for income generation, hence the trademarking process," said a spokesman for Scotland Yard. "We realize that the Metropolitan Police is a really powerful brand."

Scotland Yard has already begun manufacturing products such as glassware and clocks, which it sells over the Internet and through a discreet shop near its London headquarters. It has also joined with a toy manufacturer to sell models of its police cars.

And another UPI story from Moscow...

A recent poll finds that more Russians think police officers are the country's biggest criminals than gangsters.
The Levada Center surveyed 1,200 people. Pollsters found 38 percent named police officers and road inspectors as the worst criminals, followed by 19 percent who said government ministers and other public officials are the worst, Mosnews reported. Only 14 percent said gangsters, hit men and drug traffickers top the list...