Friday, August 05, 2005

More Bang For Your "Missionary Bucks"

Marvin Olasky has an enlightening, exciting succes story about an eternally-minded church.

The church at that point had a small sanctuary and a growing congregation. It had to divide into two services, and most people didn't like doing that, especially since the sanctuary wasn't even big enough for the second service, which had to meet in a local school. But when church members and associates donated and pledged $287,000 in a special offering one Sunday, it didn't go toward a new building.

Instead, the money went to purchase a 99-year-lease on 10,000 acres here in Senkobo, 15 miles north of Livingstone and the Zimbabwe border. The land came with a beautiful farm house, 2,700 fruit trees, cattle and other animals, four deep wells, three dams, a tobacco-curing barn that could be turned into apartments, and other farm buildings that could become orphanages and classrooms...

The rest of the story? (And it is very neat.) Just click on the title of this post.