Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Even the Supremes Hear the Beat

Want an example of how the alternative media is changing America? And about how it might change it even more in the future?

Then read between the lines of tonight's news story about Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer complaining to the ABA that U.S. courts are becoming vulnerable to "political attacks" (AP's phrase) when issues like abortion, homosexual privileges, capital punishment and euthanasia come their way. Breyer feels the heat is increasing to such a degree that judicial independence is threatened.

Two points need to be made. One is that the Justice Breyer's judiciary has no business fretting about its independence anyway. After all, its Constitutional responsibilities are clear, to the point and quite well protected. The fact that Breyer talks this way is evidence of the nation's courts already being out of bounds. Yes, they are to review Congressional action and insure that the laws that body makes are according to the strict intentions of the Constitution. But the courts are not supposed to be law makers. They are not supposed to be above the law. They are not supposed to be independent.

The second point, of course, is that Justice Breyer would not be losing any sleep over the Court's unchecked power if it weren't for the stir created by Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Fox News, Matt Drudge, Lucianne Goldberg, the wise and witty writers over at Town Hall and NRO, Power Line, Hugh Hewitt, Don Feder, Joseph Farrah, the pro-life activists, the hundreds and hundreds of conservative-oriented blogs, and all the rest of the new forces who are now fighting effectively to destroy the leftist monopoly of the MSM.

This story is an encouraging one. For when a Supreme admits that he's actually hearing the will of the American people (and is worried about its eventual impact), then the times might indeed be a'changing.