Saturday, July 09, 2005

Who Cares If It's a Child? 3D Ultrasound Not Enough to Change British Medicos

In the beginning of the pro-life movement, there was a slogan so popular that it almost became a mantra: "If wombs had windows, there would be no abortions."

But users of that slogan did not realize the extreme selfishness of the sexual revolution. As any sidewalk counselor or CPC worker can tell you, the "windows to the womb" which a gracious God has given us through modern technology are routinely closed by men and women who clearly see the truth of a child's humanity but then wickedly reject that child's right to life.

Here's a chilling story about how Dr. Stuart Campbell's pioneer work in 3D ultrasound technology was callously ignored by most of the members of the once-prestigious British Medical Association.