Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Material Girl Defends Top Gun: Religion in the New Age

Here's a brief Hollywood item about Kabbalah's most famous disciple Madonna (real name Madonna Louise Ciccone) and her recent on-air defense of Tom Cruise's Scientology. It is a rather eerie case of false religions coming together to, of course, draw attention away from Jesus Christ, He Who alone is the Way to salvation.

As mentioned in an earlier post here at the Vital Signs Blog, Cruise and his weird Thetan cosmology have been in the news lately and I linked to an excellent site which gives you the real story on this wildly inventive cult. However, be aware that Hollywood is also busy in publicizing another false religion, Kabbalah. Indeed, Madonna has been all over the Hollywood headlines in recent days (opening a hotel, selling her newest children's book, defending Cruise, bragging about her career, etc.) and almost always using the opportunity to hail Kabbalah.

Are we not witnessing a new demonic advance in promoting bad religion? No doubt. So, prayer is in order as is getting the goods on these popular new cults in order to specifically refute their errors. Again, let me link readers to the Scientolgy pages I posted earlier. You can also check out The Scientology Secret Library.

And Kabbalah? Kabbalah (spelled various ways) is involved with mystical Jewish teachings which are liberally laced with gnosticism, Neoplatonism, magic, the occult, and nowadays with several other New Age flavors. The philosophy developed in Babylon during the medeival period but was based on much earlier Hebrew speculations and numerology. Moses de Leon, developed the philosophy in his 13th Century work, The Book of Zolar.

For more, here's a good place to get a grip on understanding Kabbalah.