Monday, May 23, 2005

Speaking of Chastity

Here are a few choice quotations from Focus on the Family's excellent film from the early 90's, Sex, Lies...And the Truth.

Miles McPherson - former NFL star:

"When you sleep with somebody, you give a part of yourself away. You give a part of your heart away."

"Love desires to please someone else at the expense of self because love wants to give."

"So how can you be safe? We're not talking about babies, even though that happens. We're not talking about abortion, even though that happens. We're talking about dying. We're talking about pain. We're talking about suffering. We're talking about your whole life ending in a terrible way when this thing [a condom] fails."

"You know, you could get her pregnant and a chance to get over 20 diseases - is an orgasm worth that risk? There's no orgasm in this world worth dying for."

Lakita Garth - TV model:

"I remain abstinent and plan to keep my virginity until I'm married because when I get to the altar, I can wear a white dress and mean it. And, I can say to my husband, 'I loved you before I knew you. I saved myself for you.'"

Orel Herschier - Major league baseball hero:

"If you have been sexually active in the past, there is time to change. This may be a possibility of a new policy - a secondary virginity policy now that you have the information about HIV positive, about AIDS being transmitted, about the failure rate of the condom, about being self-controlled, about getting your dignity back. You can become abstinent from this time forward."

D.C. Talk - Christian rap musicians:

"How many of our friends didn't get to pursue the things we've been able to because we've chosen to abstain. Safe sex is a lie...Safe sex isn't safe emotionally. A man and a woman aren't made up the same way. Sexual confrontations might leave a woman more hurt that a man. We've got to realize that's why marriage is so important in a sexual relationship."

John Naber - 6-time gold medal Olympic swimmer:

"Nowadays society is trying to teach us that if it's sitting there at the table, go ahead and take it. Don't deny yourself anything. Grab for the gusto! You're # 1. And as a result, people tend to put the reward ahead of the process."

Dave Dravecky - Baseball star, author, foundation director:

"I had cancer. And ultimately from that cancer I lost my career as a baseball player. And in the process I lost my left arm. Cancer kills. Fortunately for me, it hasn't taken my life but it has taken something very precious away. You too are being confronted with that peer pressure to have sex. I want you to know that I hope you will make the right choice in abstaining from that. Hopefully in the process, that abstinence can save your life too."

A.C. Green - "Iron Man" star of the NBA:

"Having played in the NBA for many years, I've had many opportunities and temptations. But I chose to remain abstinent throughout my career. It's a choice I decided. It's the choice I decided to live with and I'm very happy I made that decision. If I can do it in the NBA facing the challenges I face, I know you can do it where you are."