Tuesday, May 31, 2005

House Turns Back Democrat Effort to Force Military Hospitals to Commit Abortions

From LifeNews.com comes this good news::

In what has become an annual debate, the House of Representatives again turned back efforts by abortion advocates to allow abortions to be performed at military base hospitals and clinics.

The U.S. military currently allows doctors to perform abortions at military medical facilities only in the rare cases or rape or incest or to prevent the death of the mother. Three California Democratic representatives argued that women shouldn't have to go someplace else to have an abortion. However, opponents of their proposal said taxpayers shouldn't be forced to finance military bases and personnel performing abortions.

"Allowing self-funded abortions will simply turn our military hospitals overseas into abortion clinics," Rep. Jim Ryun, a Kansas Republican, said during the debate, according to an AP report. The House ultimately rejected the proposal on a 233-194 vote. Previous attempts to rescind the military abortion rules have also failed. National Right to Life Committee legislative director told LifeNews.com after the vote that "once again, lawmakers have affirmed that military medical facilities should not become abortion mills."