Thursday, November 29, 2012

Among the Latest Outrages...

* Pro-life advocates are calling for a federal investigation after Canada’s official statistics agency has confirmed that 491 babies died after they were born alive during abortions between 2000 and 2009.

* "The White House’s Benghazi Bungling is Proving a Disaster" by Nile Gardiner in the Telegraph.

* Is this where ObamaCare is leading America? "Sick children are being discharged from NHS hospitals to die at home or in hospices on controversial ‘death pathways’. Until now, end of life regime the Liverpool Care Pathway was thought to have involved only elderly and terminally-ill adults. But the Mail can reveal the practice of withdrawing food and fluid by tube is being used on young patients as well as severely disabled newborn babies." (Sue Reid and Simon Caldwell in the Daily Mail.)

* "For Fourth Straight Year, Obama's Thanksgiving Message Doesn't Thank God." (Ben Shapiro, Breitbart.)

* "Abortion Central to Planned Parenthood's Business." (Suzanne Gage, Lincoln Journal-Star.)

* "Electronic Tracking: New Constraint for Saudi Women." (France 24)