Thursday, October 06, 2011

Planned Parenthood's "Factual" Timeline Distorts Truths About Fetal Development

The following excerpts are from the Q&A section of Planned Parenthood’s website about fetal development, called “Pregnancy Week by Week.”  It conveniently neglects some big milestones during prenatal life.  If a pregnant girl were to look for facts about her unborn baby’s development on Planned Parenthood’s page, she would receive only a small fraction of the information she desires.

Planned Parenthood describes gestational age by LMP (last menstrual period); certain milestones appear as though they occur later after conception than they actually do.  For example, when Planned Parenthood says “Weeks 5-6,” this simply defines when the woman’s last menstruation was, and her unborn baby is actually only 3-4 weeks old...

Read in this Live Action report yet more details about how Planned Parenthood omits and distorts the truth about fetal development in it's supposedly factual timeline. But, of course, what would you expect from a business that is desperately trying to increase its profits -- and increasing them by convincing young women to pay for Planned Parenthood abortions?