Friday, August 05, 2011

Our Partying President

Even Obama supporters (those few who have heard the details, anyhow) are disappointed with the President's decision to throw a huge, glitzy and remarkably expensive birthday party at a time when the nation is struggling so hard to make ends meet. After all, when your only political message is to blame the Republican fats cats who live like kings, it just doesn't seem like a good move to throw yourself a party replete with rich Hollywood stars, flowing champagne and $35,800 gifts to yourself.

Of course, the MSM has all but ignored this ill-timed extravaganza.

But just imagine the uproar they would have created if it were George W. throwing such a birthday bash.

But no, the American media seriously believes that hypocrisy -- like intolerance, obscurantism, self-centeredness and pride -- exist only among conservatives. Liberals, thank goodness, are charmingly free from such iniquities.

So party on, Mr. President. Party on.