Thursday, June 09, 2011

Democrat Congresswoman (And Former Abortionist) Wants A More "Ethical" Congress

Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz of Pennsylvania is a four-term Representative who has now been handed the leadership of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. She's one of the Party's hopes, a rising star in its ranks.

But Allyson Schwartz is something else too.

She's an abortionist, a woman who co-founded an abortion clinic in Philadelphia and served as its Executive Director for 13 years. And though her abortion business eventually caved in (after killing thousands of preborn boys and girls), she continues to serve the abortion movement with a cruel zeal, compiling a full 100% on NARAL's political score sheet.

How's that for a revealing snapshot of what the modern Democrat Party represents?

Oh, by the way, Schwartz was one of the first to suggest that that Rep. Anthony Weiner resign because his "behavior was so offensive he has lost the ability to command respect from his constituents and [thus he] brought dishonor to the House."

Though I agree that Weiner should prove his long overdue apology was sincere by resigning, I find it an unconscionable irony to hear an abortionist dishing out moral criticism. Come on. Weiner's offenses were lewd, narcissistic and bizarre.

But he never killed babies for money.

If  Schwartz really wants the House to improve its moral standards, she would repent her barbaric past, apologize to the thousands of people she exploited and hurt, and follow through with her own resignation.

Don't hold your breath.