Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Christian Music Festival Provides "Sheep's Clothing" for Jim Wallis

Last Sunday, in my summer "Beasts of the Bible" series at Faith Bible Church, we examined the 12 verses in Scripture that deal with wolves. Among those verses are several in which the animal is used as a metaphor for the savagery, the persistence and the opportunism of false teachers.

Being reminded of how false teachers often wrap themselves in sheep's clothing in order to more effectively sneak in and "devour" the faith of weak and ignorant Christians, helps one see how those verses find sad application in the case of Jim Wallis.

For more on Wallis' distortions of the gospel, see this previous post (with its accompanying references) and then be sure and check out the recent Mark Tooley article in Front Page Magazine, "The Pearly Gatecrasher."