Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just When the World Needs It Most: ABBAWORLD!

Because of my lengthy participation in a close-knit support group (Bookish, Otherwise Discriminating Adults Who Admit to Liking the Bee Gees, ABBA and Elvis in his Vegas Period), I'm able to say in public that I still listen (often and with sustained delight) to the music produced by the Swedish super-group, ABBA.

Nevertheless, the Arrival in London of the museum/theme park, ABBAWORLD, is just too, too weird. I mean, over 30,000 square feet of a Dream World where visitors can be the Dancing Queen alongside holographs of Frida and Agnetha, look at a re-creation of the cabin near Stockholm where Benny & Bjorn composed many of their hits, and even imagine they can Fly Like an Eagle on the actual helicopter pictured on the cover of their 1976 album?

That's eerie.

But When All Is Said and Done, ABBAWORLD is primarily about Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! The creators hope the displays and the kitschy merchandise will take the Money, Money, Money from the Super Troupers and others among The Visitors who remain Head Over Heels over ABBA. And yes, The Winner Takes It All.

Here's how it goes down.

Ring, Ring. Hello, Nina, Pretty Ballerina. This is Angeleyes; I've Been Waiting for You. What do you say Honey, Honey -- you want to Put On Your White Sombrero, Move On and meet me at Waterloo tube station and go Take a Chance on this ABBAWORLD thing? Knowing Me, Knowing You, we'll have a great time.

What's that you say? Does Your Mother Know? Okay, Chiquitita, you can bring your Mamma Mia along too; She's My Kind of Girl. One of Us can look after her. Huh? You say Fernando wants to come too? Well, He Is Your Brother. And Elaine? And On and On and On?

C'mon now, Baby. What's The Name of the Game here? Dum Dum Diddle and Bang-A-Boomerang, I was hoping for a One Man, One Woman kind of date. But it seems like that's Slipping Through My Fingers.

Okay, My Love, My Life. I get it. Yes, I love your family. Really. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do. Yes, darling, even Tiger and Lady Bird and Rikky Rock'n Roller. Bring 'em all to ABBAWORLD. Who cares? Money? Sure, I've got enough for everybody. For crying out loud, I Am A Musician. Okay, Hasta MaƱana. But, lover, please remember this, alright? You Owe Me One.