Monday, July 21, 2014

Abortion Hurts...Even the Survivor

The harm performed on a preborn child by an abortionist is cruel, barbaric and, alas, lethal.

But the harm doesn't stop there.

As we tell abortion clients when we sidewalk counsel outside an abortion clinic (giving them the facts about abortion that will be denied them inside the building), the violent, remarkably unnatural act of abortion also creates terrible risks to the woman's health. In both the long and short term, a woman putting her pregnant body in the hands of an abortion profiteer faces a whole host of dangers -- not to mention the grave spiritual consequences of such an act.

These dangers posed by abortion to mothers should never be a mere "side issue" for sidewalk counselors, CPC workers, and other pro-life advocates who hold high the banner for the sanctity of life. This is because we require the mother's change of mind to save her baby's life but also because we are genuinely concerned for her welfare too.

Abortion hurts...even the survivor. That must always be one of our most important messages, shared with true compassion and accompanied by practical ways to help.

For a review of just how abortion hurts women, check out the information provided by the Elliot Institute about both the physical effects and the psychological effects of abortion. It will better equip you to speak life, love and health to those who desperately need to know.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Abortion Coercion

Preborn babies are routinely killed in America. And they are destroyed in the most barbaric ways -- suction machines, curettes and poisons. And all of these methods of abortion pose extremely harmful effects on the babies' mothers as well.

But the state of political affairs in the United States is so tragic and ridiculous that not only are these barbaric actions protected by law, promoted by opinion leaders, and paid for with taxpayer money, they are increasingly being mandated through ObamaCare and other federal and state requirements forced on doctors, nurses, medical students, pharmacists, insurance providers, and so on. Even if a person abhors the medical (and moral) consequences of abortive drugs, devices and procedures, the law is forcing them to participate.

And without effective protection of conscience, what are their choices? Quitting their profession altogether, leaving the field entirely to amoral practitioners. Or reluctant submission.

As we knew it would, the abortion movement has moved steadily from You Can to You Should to You Must.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Big Band Music -- All Week Long!

It's going to be one of those weeks!

After a jam-packed weekend of preaching, heavy lawn work, and hosting two big dinners and book discussions (one involving 10 people, the other involving 15), we're moving into a "relaxed" schedule this week.

Indeed, the only tasks on the agenda are: writing, proofing, printing, stamping and folding this month's LifeSharer letter; joining with friends on two mornings for prayers outside the abortion mill; answering overdue correspondence; doing the regular early morning Panera's meetings on Tuesday and Thursday...

And, oh yes, doing 7 presentations of "When Swing Was King."

(Honey, where did you put the vitamins?)

If you'd like to join us to help visit the residents of the nursing homes and other senior centers where we do the shows, you'll find the schedule right here on the Vital Signs Ministries website.

And if you do come along, we promise you a wonderful slate of big band songs to enjoy. In fact, here is the songlist for the current volume.

1) Glenn Miller Orchestra, “American Patrol.”
2) Tommy Dorsey Orchestra with Frank Sinatra, "Dolores."
3) Artie Shaw Orchestra, "Frenesi."
4) Benny Goodman Orchestra with Ella Fitzgerald, "Goodnight, My Love."
5) Jan Garber Orchestra, "I'll See You In My Dreams."
6) Doris Day, "You Oughta' Be In Pictures."
7) Guy Lombardo Orchestra, "Embraceable You."
8) Count Basie Orchestra, "April In Paris."
9) Freddie Martin Orchestra, "Dancing In The Dark."
10) Bing Crosby, "You Belong To My Heart."
12) The Mills Brothers, "Standin' On The Corner."
13) Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra, "So Rare."

A relaxed week? Well, no. But mixing in these delightful visits with seniors and bringing them the music they (and we) love -- hey, that will help make it a week of most enjoyable purpose.

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Hillary's Book Isn't Doing What It Was Supposed To

Hillary Clinton (and her ghostwriters) came out with a book to launch her run for the presidency. But right from the beginning things looked bad. First of all, the book generated no enthusiasm at all except for die hard Dems. The day it came out (the very day!) both Amazon and Barnes & Noble slashed it’s price 30%.

Second, the book proved to be long and boring, so boring that a study utilizing the data from e-book readers suggests the average page at which readers stop is, get ready, page 33.

Third, the book tour turned out to be one of the most unsuccessful ever. Her remarkable gaffes on the interview circuit gravely disappointed her fans, amused the general public, and vindicated her enemies.

The results? The book dropped out of the Top Ten the first week. It has already fallen behind the sales of the latest anti-Clinton book by Ed Klein. And Hillary’s approval rating (among Democrats, mind you) has fallen 11 points.

Hard Choices? Perhaps. Hard Consequences? Most assuredly.

Monday, July 07, 2014

Remembering Castro's Attack on the "13 de Marzo"

On July 13, 1994, 72 Cubans attempting to leave the island for the United States put out to sea from the port of Havana in the tugboat “13 de Marzo.” When the tug was seven miles from shore, other government boats appeared, equipped with high pressure water hoses, and proceeded to attack the old tug and, in doing so, split the stern. The pleas of the women and children on the tug did nothing to stop the attack. It sank with a toll of 37 dead.

At 3:00 pm on July 13, several advocates for freedom and human rights will join together around the main fountain at Florida International University in a silent call for justice. The event will last 20 minutes, one minute for each year that has passed without justice. They have been doing this at Florida International University since 1995.

For those outside of Florida who yet would like to participate in this event, Claire and I urge you to take some time in prayer on Sunday, July 13th. Pray for the families and friends of those people on the “13 de Marzo” (and so many, many others over the decades) who died because of their yearning for freedom. Pray for the world’s leaders, journalists, clergy, businessmen, and other opinion leaders to awaken to the cruelty, injustice and economic stagnation that has marked the Castro regime. And pray that Cuba will soon be free from the disaster which has been Castro’s brand of Communism.

For more, please see the event FB page.

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Honoring and Thanking the U.S. Military (and Ronald Reagan)