Monday, September 28, 2009

An Eventful (And Nice) Weekend

It was an eventful weekend: a remarkable concert on Friday night to open the Omaha Symphony season on Friday night (we especially loved the Borodin, Mussorgsky, and Rimsky-Korsakov selections); a full Saturday of work for Sunday's sermon; the monthly meeting of our book club (the Notting Hill Napoleons); a very meaningful worship service on Sunday morning; lunch with friends at Jason's Deli where we also ran into friends we go back with nearly 40 years; Sunday afternoon visiting my Mom and watching together with her Phil Mickelson's amazing comeback to win the Tour Championship; and a Sunday night spent moving furniture and hundreds of books, sanding and varnishing stair railings, and painting walls in preparation for the next stages of our renovation projects.

Then up before dawn to go sidewalk counsel.

Dan Hovanec is nearing the end of his work here at our house and what a job he has done. He replaced all of our stair railings and balusters, built a wall to wall bookcase, made serious repairs to the one on the opposite wall, and a couple of other things. Really nice work. But with his vast talents in carpentry and woodworking, we knew all along we were getting the best. We'd recommend him highly.

In fact, a couple came over to lunch this afternoon and to get a few of our free standing bookcases (we don't need them anymore!) and it looks like Dan is going to make them new kitchen cabinets. Of course, if you hire Dan, remember you have to let him go on Wednesdays because that's the day he spends as the Visitation Pastor of First Christian Church up in Blair.

Tomorrow, Claire's brother, Kevin Aylward (another guy who is conscientious, timely and extremely skilled in his craft), will be coming up from Lincoln to get the tile and carpet for the next project. He'll be doing these jobs while we're away for a few days in Colorado. And then when we get back and move the furniture back into place, we'll again be ready for our regular regimen of entertaining -- something we've laid off from for the last six weeks.

We're looking forward to the change of pace, the rest, and the sublime beauties of Colorado. But, even though we spent this last weekend here in Nebraska, it was still a pretty neat one.